3D Slicer hands-on session at CREATE-MIA, 30 October 2015

Preparation for the session:

  • Download and install 3D Slicer. Download link:
  • Start 3D Slicer
  • Download Extensions by selecting in the menu: View / Extension Manager, select Install extensions, and click on Install for the following extensions:
    • SlicerIGT (IGT category)
    • SlicerRT (Radiotherapy category)
    • Volume Clip (Segmentation category)
    • Sequences (Sequences category)
  • Download sample data sets by clicking Download Sample Data in the Welcome section and then clicking on
    • MRBrainTumor1
    • MRBrainTumor2
    • Panoramix

Please bring your laptop to the session fully charged.

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