MICCAI 2015 Tutorial

Navigation of Interventional and Surgical Devices Using Open-Source Software

MICCAI 2015 — Tutorial event — Date/Time: Monday October 5th, 2015, 13:30 – 17:30 — Location: Holiday Inn, Room 16

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Outline and scope

The objective of this tutorial is to provide hands-on experience in building computer-assisted navigation systems for a variety of clinical applications, using open-source software, with no (or minimal) coding required.

This year’s theme is tools and challenges for bridging open-source and commercial systems. The motivation for this course topic is that open-source is an opportunity for bridging academia and industry; however there are numerous intellectual property considerations. While the protection of intellectual property using patents works reasonably well for hardware, the same is not true for most software.

The speakers will address the widespread misconception that open-source hinders protecting intellectual property and commercialization, and discuss the translation of open-source in commercial applications, and give real-world examples of interfacing open-source and commercial systems.

In the hands-on component, using their own laptop computers, participants will interface with hardware devices using a common application framework and prototype a surgical navigation system for soft tissue tumor resection. Software tools include the PLUS toolkit (www.plustoolkit.org) for interfacing various hardware devices, 3D Slicer (www.slicer.org) for creating user interface and data visualization, and the SlicerIGT extension (www.slicerigt.org) for real time navigation modules.


  • Tamas Ungi MD PhD (Adjunct Assistant Professor)
    Laboratory for Percutaneous Surgery, Queen’s University
  • Junichi Tokuda PhD (Assistant Professor)
    Brigham and Women’s Hospital and Harvard Medical School
  • Stephen R. Aylward PhD (Senior Director of Operations)
    Kitware Inc.

Preliminary program

Time Title Presenters
13:30 Opening remarks Gabor Fichtinger
13:35 Intellectual property in the era of open-source Ron Kikinis
13:50 Translation of open-source software into commercial systems Stephen Aylward
14:10 Common interface between research and commercial systems (OpenIGTLink) Junichi Tokuda
14:30 Hands-on tutorial, Part 1: System setup and calibration methods Tamas, Junichi
15:30 Coffee break
15:45 Hands-on tutorial, Part 2: Step-by-step development of a surgical navigation system Tamas, Junichi
17:15 Closing remarks, Q&A
17:30 Adjourn

toolkit for navigated interventions